Royal Wedding. Daily Telegraph 19.5.18

Macron visits Trump. Daily Telegraph 25.4.18

Windrush generation deportation outrage. Daily Telegraph 18.4.18

Red Square parade Putin-style. Daily Telegraph 17.4.18

A Museum of Brexit is proposed. Daily Telegraph 11.4.18

A raven dies at the Tower. Daily Telegraph 28.3.18

Anti-semitism in the Labour Party. Daily Telegraph 27.3.18

The new Europe. Daily Telegraph 20.3.18

RIP the founder of IKEA. Daily Telegraph 30.1.18

Mugabe toppled from power in Zimbabwe. Daily Telegraph 16.11.18 

Zombie movie director dies. Daily Telegraph 18.7.17 

Trump Jnr's Russian links exposed. Daily Telegraph 13.7.17

Trump & Putin at the G20; the first meeting. Daily Telegraph 7.7.17

Let the Brexit games begin. Daily Telegraph 19.6.17

Trump sacks FBI chief. Daily Telegraph 11.5.17

McDonnell pays homage to Das Kapital. Daily Telegraph 10.5.17

What Juncker said to May. Daily Telegraph 3.5.17

May challenged by SNP call for second referendum on independence. Yahoo News 114.3.17
Trump's Press Officer, Sean Spicer, strains for the truth. Yahoo News 22.2.27
Theresa May visits the new President. Yahoo News 24.1.17

The Times 29.12.16
Trump & Farage forge their special relationship. Yahoo News 23.11.16
Trump elected 45th president of the USA. Yahoo news 9.11.16
The Creepy Clown phenomenon has arrived. Yahoo News 12.10.16
The Tory Conference opens in Birmingham. Mail on Sunday 2.10.16
Cameron announces he will stand-down from Parliament as Great British Bake-Off row escalates. Yahoo News 13.9.16
Team GB beat China in the Medals table. The Times 1.8.16
Theresa May putsĀ Chinese-funded Hinkley Point project on hold. The Times 1.8.16
Theresa May & Michael Gove frontrunners for Tory leader. The Times 4.7.16
RIP Jo Cox MP. Yahoo News 16.6.16
The Queen's 90th birthday. Daily Telegraph 12.6.16
As the Brexit referendum climaxes, MPs from both sides of the House switch sides, including Tory MPĀ 
Sarah Wollaston who defects to Remain. Daily Telegraph 11.6.16
Mail on Sunday 3.1.16
Jihadi John. Fear & loathing in the UK. Daily Telegraph 25.8.14
Britain & the EU. Daily Telegraph 23.11.12
Assad's spot paintings. Daly Telegraph 14.1.12
Britain & the Eurozone. Daily Telegraph 18.11.11
The first Selfie. Daily Telegraph 12.12.13
Nobel Peace Prize for the EU. Daily Telegraph 13.10.12
Trial by Twitter. Daily Telegraph 10.11.12
Miliband & Balls. Daily Telegraph 29.9.12
Murdoch appears before Leveson Inquiry. Daily Telegraph 16.7.11
Labour searches for an identity. Daily Telegraph 7.6.13
WHO obesity health warning. Daily Telegraph 25.8.11
RIP Steve Jobs. Drawn on an iPad published in print edition.
Animated version published at Telegraph online
USA and surveillance of its citizens. Daily Telegraph 8.6.13
Free elections for Russia. Daily Telegraph 5.3.12
Scottish referendum. The end of the Union? Daily Telegraph 7.5.11
Southern Europe on Euro precipice. Daily Telegraph 18.5.12
Thatcher dead. Daily Telegraph 12.4.13
Greece and the Eurozone. Daily Telegraph 18.6.11
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